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Hi, I’m Augie Herrera, I come to the Lord on April 21 1971. After what seemed like long time of living without hope or purpose. Back then I was a lost young Hippy trying to find meaning in life. I was a part of the drug culture. The year before my salvation I got stoned 365 days straight without a break. One day I took a drug (at a party) that flipped me out. It was the worst trip ever, it produced  an overwhelming fear and pain in me that I could not stand. I went to my car and took the knife I kept in my tool box. I planned on cutting my throat. While  sitting there I thought about my family and how we all suffered so much when our father died. Just then I called out to God and said,” God if you are real bring me down now”. At that moment I peaked and the whole world melted before my eyes, and I was completely sober. I went back to the party to tell my friends what had happened, but they were all too stoned. That started my search for the Truth. Six months later I found it in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, that was back in 1971. In 1978 I became the senior pastor of a church in San Pedro Ca, I held that office for 18 years. During those years I developed a ministry team, and we grow the church from under 35 to over 500 members. This Web site will host what I have learned over the last 40+ years and over 17,500 hours of personal bible study and growing. I’m now semi-retired living with my wife in California and working from home as a “Day Trader” and also an Affiliate Internet Marketer. All of my sites are in their infancy, so don’t expect too much if you would like to check it out, click on the links below.

This YouTube Video documents the Church I was saved in.

Here are some other websites that you might find helpful.

 Blenders in Review.com





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