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Hi, I’m Augie Herrera, I come to the Lord on April 21 1971. After what seemed like long time of living without hope or purpose. Back then I was a lost young Hippy trying to find meaning in life. I was a part of the drug culture. The year before my salvation I got stoned 365 days without a break. One day I took a drug (at a party) that flipped me out. It was the worst trip ever, it produced  an overwhelming fear and pain in me that overwhelmed me. I went to my car and took the knife I kept in my tool box. I planned on cutting my throat. While  sitting there I thought about my family, and how we suffered when our father died. Just then I called out to God, and said,” God if you are real bring me down now”. At that moment I peaked, and the whole world melted before my eyes, and I was completely sober. I went back to the party to tell my friends what had happened, but they were all too stoned. That started my search for the Truth. Six months later I found it in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, that was back in 1971. In 1978 I became the senior pastor of a church in San Pedro Ca, I held that office for 18 years. During those years I developed a ministry team, and we grow the church from under 35 to over 500 members. This Web site will host what I have learned over the last 40+ years and over 21,000 hours (and counting) of personal bible study. I’m now semi-retired living with my wife in California and working from home as a “Day Trader” and also an Affiliate Internet Marketer.


Video of the Church where I came to faith.



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