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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

I’ve often been asked “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?” In my mind I answer, “Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People?” This is the real question that we should be asking. In order to understand the answer to this perplexing question, you may have to have a paradigm shift.

Let me start by taking us back to the beginning of our Human history. We are told that God is the Creator of All Living things. He created Adam and Eve on a perfect Earth. This faultless creation, new no evil or rebellion of any-kind. It was a kind of heaven on Earth. He put them in charge saying “to them, start families, to be productive, and populate the earth. To tame it, and to rule over all of his creation.” Gen 1:28

All their needs were provided for and they had a wonderful relationship with God. Their existence was without sin and they would have lived forever in God’s utopia.

In so doing He gave them the title deed of this Earth. Adam and Eve saw, walked, and had a real relationship with our Father God. They were family, for God created them like no others, in all of his creation making them in his own image.

To this job description “as I stated above”, He added in very clear language that the only thing they could NOT DO is eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Gen_2:16. For if they did that, they will surely be separated from God, forfeiting their legal right as the lords of His Creation.

They understood their position of power to include “free moral choice” which extended to all their future children.

They understood that this sentence of “death” was two fold: Spiritual and Physical. Death means separation, they were instantly separated from God. Spiritually with it came physical death which had set in too. To help us understand what happened to them, permit me to illustrate using DNA as the example. It might be that Sin altered the DNA of all humanity. Now every person born would have an intrinsic desire to live for self and have no real desire to live for God. The other effect to the DNA was its decay. The gene(s) that prevented us from growing old, sick and eventually physically dying were no longer working.

Lets STOP right here and think about what happened. At this stage in human history God had not given humanity any written Laws. Yet there was an intrinsic right and wrong that God built into the heart of humanity. It seems that relativism prevailed to the point that every man was doing what each thought was right. “Humanities way seem right in their eyes Pro 21:2…. During this time, God let humanity govern themselves Act 14:16 (God) in times past permitted all mankind to walk in their own ways, resulting in complete failure. Left to our own devices, humanity does not get better rather we get completely and continually decadent, “Jehovah witnessed the great immorality of humanity, seeing that his every dream and thoughts of his soul was persistently bad, Gen 6:5”. God did not step in to guide us, rather during “The times of ignorance God overlooked.” their actions due to their lack of knowledge about His laws. Rom_4:15 …where the rule of law does not exist, there is no insubordination. Nevertheless, Rom_5:13 even though there was not written law, insubordination was in the hearts of mankind; but their rebellion was not charged to their account because there was no rule of law. Nevertheless, just because God overlooked the insubordination of those who lived from Adam to Noah, He did not overlook humanities original rebellion nor it’s sentence of eternal separation as a result of Adam’s revolt. Rom 5:14 But the sentence ruled from the beginning of the fall to Moses, even though the rest of mankind did not personally commit the sin of Adam… In other words; everyone who died in this condition was doomed to eternal separation from God. We call that hell, they are done, finished, Period… God gave them their hearts desire, an eternity without Him.

Now at this point if you have understood mankind’s spiritual, moral and physical plight. You understand that there is NO one that is good. So the question, “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People” is an oxymoron! The Lord told us there is no one that is good, no not one.

God did not force himself on them back then nor does he force himself on us to day! In time mankind reached the point of total decadence resulting in God destroyed the known world by a flood. God is the creator and giver of all life. He alone is totally justified in killing i.e., the taking of the life of a guilty person.

Remember, all humanity is guilty of rebellion (sin) against God’s Holiness. Only Noah and his family were willing to follow God’s ways. Mankind can never improve, that is meet God’s standard of Good, without God’s Holy Spirit working in our life. We had our chance and the Human race failed in Adam and Eve.
Rom 1:20 It is clear that from nothing comes nothing. Therefore the physical universe is God’s testimony of his eternal power leaving mankind without any excuse for not believing in God.

That’s right God left his finger print in creation in the beginning. Later in his mercy He gave us his written word recording the fact of who He is and what he has done for us.

God starts anew with Noah. He was given the responsibility of telling others (as Adam was by word of mouth) of God’s Plan to save humanity by giving His only Son to pay for the sins of mankind, that’s what we call The Good New, in other words the Gospel. If you have understood the historical account, you understand that any plan that God would use to save mankind from his state of “death” i.e., eternal separation from him, is an act of Mercy and Grace. He was not obligated in any way to step into time and save his creation. Nevertheless, we see the heart of God in John 3:16.
With Moses God now reveals His Gospel, and Moses is told to write it down. Jesus has come and paid the price for humanity’s rebellion, that is our sin against God. We, God’s children are responsible for sharing the Good New with others. God has done his part, we must do our part. The unbeliever must do their part in accepting The Gospel. God can’t be held responsible for the eternal damnation of the unbeliever. God condemns NO ONE, they condemn themselves by not receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus said, unless you believe you will die in your sinful state.

Now if you need to talk more about this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

May the Lord continue to open the eyes of our understanding in grasping His great Love.

Jesus paid for our Sins


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